Liferooms in Your Home – What’s a Liferoom?

There are several different home additions you can make that add value to the home. Some common additions you may have heard of include sunrooms and patio rooms, but what about a liferoom?

Liferooms near Plymouth, MA

Liferooms are fairly new and have come about as homes have become more sophisticated, providing homeowners with vast smart control capabilities that spread throughout the property. A liferoom is an extension of this ability, but what makes a liferoom different from a sunroom or a patio room?


Sunrooms are rooms that have numerous windows that let in plenty of natural light as well as a solid roof as covering. Sunrooms can be seasonal additions to home or you can have heating installed so that sunrooms can be used throughout the year.

Patio Rooms

Patio rooms are also seasonal rooms, but they can be heated to be comfortable during colder parts of the year. Patio rooms are most used during warm weather months and are usually built onto existing patios or decks. You won’t get as much versatility from these spaces, but they can be used for storage during cold seasons.


Liferooms near Plymouth, MA are rooms that are essentially patio rooms but to an extreme degree. Liferooms have three windowed/glass walls and a motorized screen is used to control how much light gets into the area. Screens also keep bugs and plant pollen at bay, allowing you to be comfortable in a semi-outdoor area. Lighting, heating, and mist systems can also be used for liferooms.

Liferooms differ from other types of home additions, but they can be a great addition to your home. Consider speaking with experts about the benefits of liferooms and how they can add value to your property before committing to which addition you’d like the most.