Commercial vs. Residential Electrical Services

The need for power is a universal one.  Ever since we started including power in our homes and offices we have steadily increased our needs and consumption of such power.  For many people, the difference between commercial power usage and residential power usage may seem the same.  However, if you were to contact a company like Mission Electrical Contractor and ask them what the difference was they would have specifics that most people don’t think about.

When looking at commercial and residential electrical services hemet professionals provide, we have to look at the commercial side first.  If you run a commercial building such as a bakery or a warehouse, you will need specific power needs that can’t be achieved in a residential setting.  The first thing you will look at are the machines and tools that you use.  Since many of these are industrial in nature, specific power outlets and safety considerations need to be put into place.

In the commercial environment there needs to be a lot more shielding between the wires and the end user.  Kill switches and other sensors are also needed to ensure that if there is an issue with a machine that power can be cut instantly to ensure that people are not hurt.

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On the residential side of things, we don’t have that many concerns when it comes to power usage.  Vendors that create products for the homes will have specific guidelines and requirements that they need to meet before the products are even allowed to be sold in stores.  Each year these guidelines are looked at, reviewed and altered according to the events of the previous year.

In a commercial environment the way power is metered is also different.  Many businesses may be given a lower rate for power consumption than a residential home.  This difference allows both commercial and residential standards be created and met.