bookmark_borderWhat To Expect From A Professional Hard Floor Cleaning Service

Do you want your workspace or dwelling floor to look as good as new? Although regular vacuum and mopping can keep it clean, hard floors lose their color and texture pretty soon. Well, that is what services like the professional hard floor cleaning services in Cedar Rapids, IA, are for!

Are you wondering what methods do these professionals follow for flawless cleaning? Here is what to expect from a professional hard floor cleaning service.


The first step of hard floor cleaning is assessing the floor. Cleaning experts inspect the floor for damages like scratches and blemishes and the type of coating or texture. They take notes and formulate a cleaning plan according to the floor type.

Removing Extra-coating

Floors usually have a coat of polish or acrylic, which gives them the shine. While most will fade away, some residues remain even after a prolonged period. The second step of professional floor cleaning includes removing these residues. Cleaning professionals have special tools for this job, for example, a floor polish remover.

Careful Cleaning

Once the polish or acrylic layer has been removed, the cleaning personnel can identify the actual damage. They can determine whether the floor has cuts or was it just the extra layer. That is where cleaning comes in. They will use select products to clean the floor rigorously until it shines like a mirror, literally. The cleaning step includes removal of dirt, dust, debris, etc., along with complete sanitization.

professional hard floor cleaning services in Cedar Rapids, IA


The last step is to cover the floor with a layer of quality polish. The one professionals use does not have an unpleasant smell like the other cheap products. It is done to take the shine-game a notch higher while adding a protective layer on the floor.

In Summation

Despite your endless efforts, you cannot really clean a hard floor as brilliantly as a professional cleaning service. They are trained for the purpose and use specific products that you may not know about. That said, hiring a service expert can remove all the unnecessary worry from your shoulders while getting the work done excellently!