bookmark_borderAdvertising Techniques For Instant Response

Advertising is an art that needs to be studied, tested and improved upon. In our digital age most people will just throw out an ad and expect people to jump onto the ship and send them money.  This rarely happens anymore.  Advertising methods such as direct mail advertising in Johnson City are great ways to get the message out into the hands of the people, the question is are your advertising messages being read?

Know your audience

The first step in any marketing campaign is to know your audience.  Who is it you are speaking to and why?  When you get data from a marketing agency or simply doing a demographic search you are not really getting the entire picture.  You need to really do your research and determine who your audience is and why they are your best audience.

Know your audience pain points

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When advertising you want to know your audience’s pain points.  You want to know what are they trying to achieve and what are they trying to avoid.  Many people want something like losing weight as well as while not eating healthy foods.

Each message has a desire and a pain point that needs to be overcome.  Want to lose weight without exercising.  So their desire is to lose weight but they don’t want to exercise.  When presented with this in your marketing challenge, you want to look deeper and say, “Why don’t you want to exercise?”  What you get for an answer will be the marketing message you put into your advertising.

Let’s say that they don’t want to exercise because they have bad knees.  So, now that we have the problem, we have an objection and we have a clear message to that objection our advertising should read something like this: Ten exercises to lose weight for those with bad knees.

As you can see, this message addresses a problem, has a solution and speaks to a specific group of people.  This is how you can get the best out of any adverting campaign you run.