bookmark_borderIs it Time for Outlet Upgrades?

Many signs suggest the time has arrived to update the outlets in your home. Are the outlets discolored? Will they no longer hold a plug? These signs are among many that say it is time to invest in an electrical upgrade.

First things first. Make sure you have a great contractor on hand for the work. Not all electrical contractors in Morristown, TN offer the same service and the last thing you want is a contractor who is there just for a paycheck.

Once you find that contractor, give him a call if you notice the signs below that suggest it is time to replace the outlets in your home.

1- Two-Prong Outlets

A two-prong outlet is outdated in today’s homes that depend on many electrical sources for the household. These prongs prevent you from using three-prong appliances and they are ungrounded, which adds shock risk and increases the risk of damaging your electronics and appliances.

2- Plugs Fall Out of the Outlet

When the loose ends of the outlet are loose enough they no longer hold the plug, regardless of what is connected, the contacts inside the outlet are worn and it is time to replace them. This might seem like a minor problem but this can cause electrical arcing that puts your family and home at risk of a fire.

3- Hot Outlets

Your outlets should never feel hot to the touch. This is true regardless of what type of items you have plugged in. If you touch the outlet and notice that it is hot or warm to the touch, call the electrician before devastation occurs.

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Once you phone an electrician for outlet upgrades, your home is a safer, more comfortable place to call home. You enjoy greater peace of mind and have more convenience in your life. Make that call when it’s time!